The CBD Revolution Has Begun

Sino American Oil

a global nutraceutical company

Share Structure

Authorized is 200,000,000 (two hundred million) Common Shares
The Deposited shares (aka CEDE & Co float) is 924, 357 shares
The total Issued and Outstanding is 63,534,500 shares only, and 64610143 is not deposited and is investment block (control block), or insiders or control persons shares.

Business Strategy and Offerings

Sino American Oil Company is a publicly traded company. Our mission statement is to provide efficient management and delivery of global natural resources. Our key advantages come from our integrity, breadth of management experience, and high pedigree of our team.

We are leveraging:

  • Extensive knowledge in banking and payment processing for import and exports.
  • Practised ongoing assessment of deal flow in the resource sector.
  • Intimate understanding of gold mines prospecting and producing refinement.
  • FOB shipment and logistics to shore of commodities.
  • Excellent multi-lingual communication in English, Manadarin, Cantonese, Hindi.
  • Project deal flow and project assessments of high values ranging from $10,000,000 up to $1B.
  • We welcome all interested parties in contacting us for the opportunity to develop business opportunities.

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